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ACR Stoves are the perfect choice if you want to heat a smaller room in smoke controlled zones in towns and cities. Here at Dorset Stove Installations, we have a tremendous range of ACR stoves that are DEFRA approved to ensure that you have a stove that complies with the Clean Air Act 1993.


What are ACR Stoves?

With over 30 years of experience in the stove industry, ACR has developed a range of wood-burning, multi-fuel and electric stoves that are DEFRA approved. Most stoves manufactured by ACR generally have an output of 5kw, making them the perfect solution to effectively heat a smaller room.

ACR stoves are built from either cast iron, steel or a combination of both to ensure optimum heat transfer. Additionally, ACR offers a 5-year guarantee on all their stoves.

What’s great about ACR is that they offer electric stove alternatives if you don’t have a chimney and are unable to get a twin-wall flue installed. These electric log burners create a realistic flame effect and can be safely plugged into a standard 13amp plug socket, so no modifications to your home are necessary.


What are DEFRA Approved Stoves?

Do you live in a smoke controlled town or city but still dream of having a wood burning stove installed in your home? Then you’re in luck; DEFRA approved stoves are stoves that have been approved to burn wood in smoke controlled zones. These stoves can be wood burners or multi-fuel stoves and are DEFRA approved because they are either smokeless or you’re using DEFRA approved fuel. If you are using a DEFRA approved wood burning stove, then you are only authorised to burn wood and not coal.

Under the Clean Air Act 1993, all DEFRA approved stoves have passed a series of tests to confirm that they burn authorised fuel or cleanly burn unauthorised wood.


ACR Stoves at Dorset Stove Installations

Here at Dorset Stove Installations, we have a fantastic range of ACR stoves that are all DEFRA approved to ensure that homes within smoke controlled zones can have a wood burning stove installed.

The ACR stoves at Dorset Stove Installations include the widely recognised Rowandale, Hopwood, Earlswood, Malvern and Astwood styles, in addition to many more contemporary and traditional styles that are suitable for all types of homes.

The newest range of ACR stoves is the contemporary Neo stoves range. These stoves allow you to have a stunning centrepiece that makes a statement within your living room. The Neo stoves feature a glass door so you can see the flames crackle and bounce for the ultimate relaxing atmosphere. Additionally, the Neo stoves come with airwash technology as standard, ensuring that you always have a clear view of your fire as airwash technology helps to keep the glass clean.  

Dorset Stove Installations has a manufacturer guarantee on all ACR stoves and you have the option to pay with 0% finance on orders over £250, in addition to receiving free delivery!

Dorset Stove Installations are your local HETAS registered installers (location dependent) and we offer an installation service of your ACR stove on your chosen day of delivery.


For more information on our fantastic range of ACR stoves, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our HETAS registered team on 01202 89 03 21 and we will help you find the perfect ACR stove for your home.

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ACR ASHDALE 354mm 400mm
£ 60.14
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ACR ASTWOOD 322mm 408mm
£ 59.40
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ACR HOPWOOD 282mm 282mm
£ 57.48
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ACR MALVERN 257mm 343mm
£ 37.44
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ACR OAKDALE 275mm 325mm
£ 37.94
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ACR ROWANDALE 276mm 420mm
£ 48.65
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BUXTON 318mm 408mm
£ 55.10
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£ 41.35
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EARLSWOOD MK 3 265mm 320mm
£ 36.02
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TENBURY 310mm 400mm
£ 52.66
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TRINITY 3 (FRONT PANEL) 322mm 430mm
£ 58.80
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