Gas Stoves

Gas burning stoves are a convenient and hassle-free way to beautifully heat your home. A large appeal of gas stoves is the variety of visuals they can create; gas stoves can create a coal-effect, log-effect or a wood flame effect without the upkeep that’s needed to have a real burner.


How do Gas Burning Stoves Work?

Almost any home can have a gas burning stove installed if they have a connection to a mains gas line. Gas stoves work by creating gas generated heat and sealing this heat within an airtight glass panel. The heat is then radiated upwards, heating the room, with the waste air being disposed of by a flue, chimney or a vent. If you don’t have a chimney present and don’t want to install a twin flue, then there are still ways that you can have a gas burning stove within your home.


Flueless Gas Burning Stoves

With flueless gas stoves available, it’s now possible for all homes with a gas line to have a gas burning stove installed. Flueless gas burning stoves work by drawing in clean air from your room through a vent. This air is then passed through a heat exchanger before being released back into the room to provide radiant heating.

For a gas flame to continue burning, it requires oxygen; the flueless gas stove will use some of your clean oxygenated air to keep the flame alive. Once the combustion process has been completed, the gases that are produced will go through a catalytic converter to convert any harmful gases into safe gases before being released back into your room.


Gas Stoves at Dorset Stove Installations

Here at Dorset Stove Installations, we are happy to be a fantastic provider of traditional, contemporary, inset and LPG gas stoves for the UK (exclusions may apply). All our stoves are from leading manufacturers, which guarantees you peace of mind on the quality of the gas stove that you will receive.

We also have chimney, twin-flue and flueless gas stoves available with the option of purchasing your new stove on finance with 0%APR, meaning that all UK homes can easily get a gas stove installed.

Whether it’s traditional steel or a cast-iron body, you can be sure to find your perfect gas stove at Dorset Stove Installations with our large variety of gas burning stoves.


The Benefits of Gas Stoves

Gas stoves are a brilliant alternative to any heating system. Traditional fireplaces are exquisite and can add character to any home, however, they can be dangerous, high maintenance and will require a twin-flue or chimney to install. With a gas burning stove, you can have the same beautiful, glowing visuals of a log, coal or wood burning flame effect, with safe, low-maintenance and comfortable heating throughout a room.

Gas stoves emit enough heat to cut out the need for traditional radiator systems entirely. You can have a centrepiece in your living room with more space available by removing your radiators. With a LPG converter kit installed on your gas stove, you can dramatically increase your savings on your heating and fuel bills.

Your gas burning stove can come in a variety of sizes to perfectly fill the space within your living room. To maximise the use of your gas burner, it’s possible to upgrade your stove to remote control, giving you superior control over your gas stove through the click of a button.

You can sit back, relax and turn on your gas burning stove from the comfort of your sofa and enjoy the peaceful, relaxing flame effect bounce and crackle.


Your HETAS Registered Installers

Whatever home you have and whichever style of gas stove you require, Dorset Stove Installations has it all. To give you the complete package, our friendly and knowledgeable HETAS registered team will deliver and install your new gas stove on a day of your choosing (Subject to location and availability).


For more information on a gas stove or for expert advice from our friendly team, please contact Dorset Stove Installations on 01202 89 03 21. With manufacturers guarantee, 0% finance options, free delivery, HETAS registered installers and exclusive discounts, you won’t find a better gas stove service than with Dorset Stove Installations.

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