Multi Fuel Stoves

Multi-fuel stoves are the perfect addition to any home as they allow you to switch between different types of fuel to burn such as wood, coal, wood pellets, peat or even biomass. They’re an incredibly effective way to heat a home as the fuel can be adjusted to provide heat all year round. Here at Dorset Stove Installations, we have a great selection of multi-fuel stoves.


What are Multi-Fuel Stoves?

Multi-fuel stoves are similar in appearance and efficiency as wood burning stoves, however, they can burn coal and smokeless fuels, in addition to wood. Multi-fuel stoves will usually include either a raised grate with moving bars or a central riddling grate and ashpan. Unlike wood burning stoves, multi-fuel stoves require the fuel to be de-ashed to reach optimum combustion and efficient burning.

These stoves produce efficient heating by burning fuel on a riddling grate which allows air to circulate all around the fuel, providing maximum efficiency with the fuel available. Many multi-fuel stoves will use airwash technology and clean burn innovations, meaning that you can reduce the emissions being produced, in addition to reducing maintenance costs and times as airwash technology keeps the stove cleaner for longer.


The Benefits of Multi-Fuel Stoves

Multi-fuel stoves are a great choice for any home looking for an alternative heating system to traditional oil and gas methods. The main benefit of installing a multi-fuel stove over other types of stoves is that you can choose which fuel you burn. Coal can produce a higher heating output than wood, whereas, wood is a cheaper and a more eco-friendly option. You can choose which type of fuel you use depending on fuel prices and the time of year. Multi-fuel burners are great because the fuel can be adjusted accordingly to provide small amounts of heat when the weather is in between seasons and you don’t want the full power of your heating. This can help to reduce your energy bills and create a comfortable environment to live in.


Multi-Fuel Stoves at Dorset Stove Installations

Here at Dorset Stove Installations, we have a fantastic range of multi-fuel stoves available to suit any home interior. In both our freestanding and inset styles, you can find a range of contemporary, traditional, boiler and double-sided multi-fuel stoves. To further the choice of your multi-fuel burner, you can choose from cast iron or steel construction in various colours and sizes, to ensure that you can find a multi-fuel stove that can integrate into your home seamlessly.

If you live in a smoke controlled zone, then you can still rely on a multi-fuel stove for your heating. Here at Dorset Stove Installations, we have a range of DEFRA approved multi-fuel stoves which allow you to burn smokeless fuels or wood in smoke controlled zones.

Our multi-fuel stoves start from less than 5KW, allowing you to choose the heat output of your stove depending on the size of your home.

What makes purchasing a multi-fuel stove from Dorset Stove Installations the best choice is that we provide you with a manufacturer guarantee, the option to pay on finance with 0% APR and free chosen day delivery for your multi-fuel stove (item dependent).  

Additionally, as HETAS registered installers, our experienced team can install your new multi-fuel stove on the day of delivery (location dependent).


The multi-fuel stoves at Dorset Stove Installations are highly efficient and are perfect for any home. If you would like any assistance from our HETAS registered team, then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01202 89 03 21 and we’ll help you find the right stove for your home.


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