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Electric Stoves
Electric stoves, also known as electric wood burners, are a fantastic way to beautifully heat your home without the need for a chimney or flue system and can mimic the effects of a real burner without the mess or the potential dangers. What are Electric Stoves?An electric stove is an alternative way to heat a room without using traditional heating methods such as gas and oil radiators. Stoves such as wood burning stoves and multi-fuel stoves can become a beautiful centrepiece in your living room that provides radiant heating from real crackling flames. However, you need a chimney or a twin wall flue system to install these stoves and if you have pets or children in your home, then electric stoves may be a better option for you.Electric burners can produce the same radiant heating as other stove burners; however, electric burning stoves can be installed without a chimney or a flue system and don’t present the same level of potential dangers. They can be used in rooms with limited hearth space or for larger rooms that need a secondary heat source. Having an electric stove is easy as they simply just plug into a standard 13amp plug socket, meaning that any home can have an electric burning stove installed.One of the greatest benefits of having an electric burning stove installed is that they can provide you with the same exquisite beauty as a real wood burning stove. Electric stoves can create an exceptionally realistic wood or coal effect, with some having water mist effects that can make people think that an electric stove is a real wood burning stove.Electric stoves are so straightforward, that any home can simply plug them in without any installation or maintenance needed. Electric Stoves at Dorset Stove InstallationsHere at Dorset Stove Installations, we have a fantastic range of electric stoves from reputable brands including Skope, Astwood, Malvern, Dartmoor and Exe. Our extensive range of electric burning stoves includes inset, contemporary and traditional styles, to ensure that there is the perfect electric stove for every home.By purchasing your electric stove from Dorset Stove Installations, you have the option to pay for your new stove on finance with 0% APR. Additionally, all our electric stoves come with a manufacturer guarantee and are eligible for free delivery (on orders over £500).Within our electric stove range, you can purchase an electric burner with power outputs to suit the size of your room. Moreover, you can also choose from electric stoves with varying heat levels and different flame effects to ensure that you can have an effect that appeals to you the most. As your HETAS registered stove company, we can help you find the perfect electric burning stove for your home, so you can sit back, relax and gaze upon a realistic flame effect, creating a cosy atmosphere. If you need expert advice on our electric stoves range, our friendly HETAS team are just a phone call away on 01202 89 03 21.
Flue Store
Whether you need a chimney cowl, or a twin wall flue system installed to be able to benefit from a heating stove, the flue store at Dorset Stove Installations has it all. When you’re buying a flue system from us, you can be sure that you’re buying quality products from Dorset Stove Installations. Flue Supplies at Dorset Stove InstallationsDorset Stove Installations is your one-stop shop for all the flue supplies that you need; we have a dedicated flue store to ensure that you can easily find what you require. Within our flue store, you can find a selection of: Flue Liners Twin Wall Flues and Components Chimney Cowls Stove Pipe: Premium Matt Black Flue Accessories All flue products within our flue store are made to the highest quality and the prices include VAT. Furthermore, you can have a flue system that is tailored to your stove and your home as all our flue products are available in a range of sizes.We provide a manufacturer guarantee on all our flue supplies, in addition to offering a range of discounts on flue products when bought in conjunction with a new stove.The great thing about purchasing your flue supplies from Dorset Stove Installations is that you can trust our products are in line with government regulations as we are HETAS approved installers and suppliers of stoves and flues. Why is a Flue Needed?Previously, to have a heating stove installed within your home, you would need a chimney present. However, many homes are now built without a chimney as a twin wall flue system can be used as an alternative. A flue is vital if there is no chimney present as the flue will transport the gases from the wood burning stove or multi-fuel stove into the atmosphere and away from your home. These flues can enable you to have a heating stove in almost any room of your home as they will be cut out through the inside wall, then run up the outside of your building or through your ceilings and roof. The twin wall flue must run the full length of your home.As a result of the waste gases entering the flue, the flue system will heat up, therefore, you need to ensure that you purchase HETAS approved flues to guarantee the quality of the flue and your safety from the emissions produced from your stove. Which Flue do You Need?Which flue you need will completely depend on your property and stove type. A twin wall flue can never be smaller than the size of the stove outlet, therefore, it’s advised that you purchase your flue system in conjunction with your new stove. If you want to discover what size flue you need, measure the diameter of the stove outlet which will indicate what flue you need. A twin wall flue will have two diameters based on the two pipes that are present; the diameter of the flue you need is always based on the inside diameter of the flue pipe as the external diameter is larger due to the insulation.Here at Dorset Stove Installations, our experts are here to assist you with all your flue and chimney needs. If you’re unsure what flue you need for your stove, then we can help; just let us know the manufacturer and the model of stove that you have, and we can recommend flue supplies based on your exact stove. Dorset Stove Installations has a fantastic range of stoves that can be bought in conjunction with your products from our flue store. If you need any assistance with your flue or chimney system, then call our HETAS registered specialists on 01202 89 03 21.


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There is nothing more cosy than sitting around a real fire with friends and family, we have a wide range of high quality stoves & accessories from the best manufactures across Europe including Dik Guerts, ACR, Heta, Woodwarm, Stovax and many more.

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