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Wood burning stoves are fantastic sources of heating and when using renewably sourced wood, they can produce carbon neutral heating. Here at Dorset Stove Installations, we have an extensive range of wood burners that can be integrated seamlessly into any home. Check out the best selection of UK wood burning stoves at Dorset Stove Installations today!How do Wood Burning Stoves Work?Wood burning stoves are also known as wood burners, log burners, log burning stoves, log stoves and wood stoves. These stoves have been used as a source of heating for a long time but are continually being altered to become more economically efficient. Wood burning stoves come equipped with a fixed grate and a flat base in which wood is burned on. Once the wood is burned, it creates a bed of ash on the grate which makes the burning effect more efficient. When the wood supply has been completely diminished, more wood is placed on top of the ash as the ash helps the logs combust more effectively. To keep on burning, the flames will draw in oxygen from the air above.When using renewably sourced wood, wood burners are an eco-friendly source of heating that produces carbon neutral heat, in addition to drastically reducing your heating bills. Log burning stoves are beautiful and there’s nothing better than enjoying radiant heat from crackling wood as the centrepiece in your living room. Wood Burners at Dorset Stove InstallationsHere at Dorset Stove Installations, we have the perfect heating solution for any home; wood burning stoves. We have a range of wood burners that can be installed into any home that has a chimney or a twin-wall flue system, which we can install for you. The log burners at Dorset Stove Installations are available in traditional, contemporary, inset, boiler and double-sided styles, ensuring that there is the perfect wood burning stove available for you.To maximise the efficiency of your wood burner, we also stock and supply a selection of pre-treated wood options that will ensure your wood burn lasts longer and is environmentally friendly. With a wood burning stove from Dorset Stove Installations, you can replace the need for your radiator systems entirely within your living room.All our stoves are from widely recognised brands and come with a manufacturer guarantee, ensuring that you will receive a stove that you can rely on for many years to come. Additionally, Dorset Stove Installations are HETAS approved installers, meaning that you can get your complete wood burning stove service from Dorset Stove Installations. Creating an Eco-Friendly HomeRadiator systems are now an inefficient method of heating your home, thanks to wood burning technology. Wood burners have been around for decades, however, previously, wood burning stoves would overheat a room. Thanks to our technologically advanced wood burning stoves, you can now have a way to completely heat a room with cosy and radiant heating that keeps you at a comfortable temperature.When you burn wood, carbon dioxide is released as a result as trees naturally take in carbon dioxide. Therefore, if the wood that you use comes from a certified supplier that replants the trees, you have a carbon neutral heating source without spending money on heating bills for your living room. All stoves above £250 at Dorset Stove Installations are eligible for a 0% finance payment method, in addition to free delivery. For more information and advice from our HETAS registered installers on the perfect wood burning stove for your home, please do not hesitate to call us on 01202 89 03 21.


We have our own in-house installation team covering the Dorset area providing the complete package from the initial stove sale to the completed installation.

With many years of stove sales and installations we have a vast amount of experience and knowledge to help advise you on any queries you might have.

There is nothing more cosy than sitting around a real fire with friends and family, we have a wide range of high quality stoves & accessories from the best manufactures across Europe including Dik Guerts, ACR, Heta, Woodwarm, Stovax and many more.

Welcome to Dorset Stove Installations Ltd, We are a family run company based in Poole Dorset specializing in the sales of wood, multifuel, Gas & Electric  stoves, across the country.



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