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At Dorset Stove Installations, we have a fantastic range of wood burning, electric, gas and multi-fuel stoves that can provide your home with beautiful and radiant heating. Whilst these heating stoves are gorgeous features within your home, they can become the focal point by being surrounded by a fantastic fireplace. Why get a Fireplace Installed?Your heating stove deserves to be surrounded by beauty with a stunning fireplace setting. A fireplace can surround both freestanding and inset stoves, making them become one with your home. Fireplaces can be used with real log burners if you have a chimney or with electric stoves if you have no flue or chimney present. Once a fireplace is installed, it can create a relaxing and cosy atmosphere like no other within your home. Fireplaces are also a fantastic way to cover up the lining of your stove that connects to the chimney. Additionally, fireplaces can be installed with a chamber, creating a safer environment for your stove. Fireplaces at Dorset Stove InstallationsHere at Dorset Stove Installations, we specialise in providing a range of exquisite fireplaces that will perfectly complement any stove. We know that a fireplace will complete a home, therefore, we are always striving to ensure that we have the best styles available that cover all price ranges.With contemporary and traditional styles offered in wooden, stone and cast iron features, we have a fireplace suitable for all homes. Additionally, you can find our fireplaces available in a variety of colours, ensuring that your fireplace can match the stove and décor within your home.The fireplaces at Dorset Stove Installations also come with hearths, which can be made from a selection of materials including limestone, slate or granite, standing the test of time.All our fireplaces are manufactured by Stovax and are supplied with a manufacturer guarantee on every fireplace. Additionally, Dorset Stove Installations are HETAS registered installers, meaning that we can professionally install your new stove and fireplace for you (location dependent).To make the most out of your stove and fireplace, we have a range of accessories that will transform your fireplace, making it nothing short of exceptional.With free delivery on orders over £500 and finance with 0% APR on orders over £250, we just know that you’ll find a fireplace that you’ll fall in love with at Dorset Stove Installations. If you need any help choosing the perfect fireplace for your stove and home or have any questions, then the friendly team at Dorset Stove Installations is here for you on 01202 89 03 21.
Wooden Beams & Shelves
Do you want a rustic appearance within your home? The rustic look is back in trend as it’s quirky, unique and simply gorgeous to look at. If you have a wood burning stove in your home, then there are few better ways to enhance its natural beauty than by installing a wooden mantel shelf floating above it. Wooden beams for fireplaces are the perfect way to display frames and ornaments as they glow above the gentle flames from your crackling fireplace, and there’s no better place than to get them from Dorset Stove Installations. Why Have a Wooden Beam?Many fireplaces will have a ledge on top that you can store ornaments and photo frames upon. However, you may have a freestanding or an inset stove without using a fireplace and want to enhance the appearance of your stove using minimal space. By having a wooden, floating mantel shelf installed above your stove, you can display the objects you desire without having a fireplace. Additionally, if you already have a fireplace, a wooden mantel can only enhance its appearance and you can relax knowing that your precious belongings are safe away from the flames of your fireplace. You can also get the wooden beam to match the style of your fireplace or to provide a stylistic contrast.In terms of getting a wooden beam over a different material for your mantel, wood is natural and simply beautiful in your home, especially when it has an exquisite rustic look to it. Wooden mantels retain their finish and colour over a long period as they are usually specially coated and don’t rust. Knots, cracks and splits in the wood over time are normal, but these only add to the unique appeal of wooden mantels within your home.Floating wooden mantel shelves can also be placed anywhere within your home, giving you extra display areas without using up valuable space.By having a stove, fireplace and a wooden beam as the focal point of your living room, you will be creating a cosy atmosphere that helps to relieve your daily stresses. Wooden Beams and Shelves at Dorset Stove InstallationsHere at Dorset Stove Installations, we have a great selection of wooden beams and shelves for your heating stove. Traditional beams are now considered the best in the business; therefore, we strive to provide a great range of traditional wooden beams.Our wooden beams and shelves have all been aged and are available in a variety of colours including:Medium LightMedium DarkMedium WaxedUnfinishedWaxedBarn StyleFrostedContemporary StyleThese colours are spread across a selection of different wood types, used to create your wooden mantel:Aged Natural OakKiln Dried OakSolid OakOak Beam MantelAll our oak is sustainably sourced and is coated in a protective layer to ensure it stands the test of time, in addition to being aged for at least a year.To provide you with the ultimate finish for your home, all our wooden shelves and mantels are available in various sizes, allowing you to choose a size that is tailored to your stove and fireplace.What’s great about our wooden mantels and floating shelves is that they are all unique; you won’t find a wooden mantel that has the same markings as another, ensuring that your home interior is unique.Our wooden beams are simple to install and come with a full installation kit. If you are using Dorset Stove Installations to install your fireplace, then we will always install your mantel for you too!   Get your Perfect Wooden Beam and ShelvesDorset Stove Installations offers a comprehensive range of wooden beams and shelves with distinct characteristics.  By purchasing from us, you can take advantage of free delivery on orders over £500, finance options with 0% APR on orders over £250 and fantastic advice from our expert HETAS registered team. Call our friendly team today on 01202 89 03 21 if you need any assistance.


We have our own in-house installation team covering the Dorset area providing the complete package from the initial stove sale to the completed installation.

With many years of stove sales and installations we have a vast amount of experience and knowledge to help advise you on any queries you might have.

There is nothing more cosy than sitting around a real fire with friends and family, we have a wide range of high quality stoves & accessories from the best manufactures across Europe including Dik Guerts, ACR, Heta, Woodwarm, Stovax and many more.

Welcome to Dorset Stove Installations Ltd, We are a family run company based in Poole Dorset specializing in the sales of wood, multifuel, Gas & Electric  stoves, across the country.



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